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junho 30, 2017Tempest's Fashion Closet

T-shirt+shorts: [AB] Summer Traveller SIGNATURE @MOM
Hairbase: Beusame // Dre Hair base Omega
Eyebrows: Volkstone Kev EyeBrows [3 Styles+Tintable]- Catwa/Omega Applier
FlipFlop: [Shoeminati x Vexiin] Diamond - FlipFlop - LIMITED
Tattoo: TattooMania / ( New Even Men Only / Exclusives ) @MOM

Shutter Field - Dj / SF Rylie Bed - M/F – PG @Shiny Shabby
Candy Crunchers - Lovely Sea - Hall Table @Lost&Found
Bee Designs Aqua Shells Gacha wall frames @Lost&Found
Bee Designs Aqua Shells Gacha seat @Lost&Found
Bee Designs:.P&B Gacha-Pink Rug @Lost&Found
Bee Designs Aqua Shells Gacha Table @Lost&Found
Bee Designs Aqua Shells Gacha small frames @Lost&Found
Bee Designs Aqua Shells Gacha Entryway Hall Tree RARE @Lost&Found
Bee Designs Aqua Shells Gacha box 1 @Lost&Found
Bee Designs Aqua Shells Gacha box with flowers @Lost&Found
Bee Designs Aqua Shells Gacha Books @Lost&Found
Bee Designs Aqua Shells Gacha Daybed RARE @Lost&Found

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